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Kochek Bail Shutoffs


Kochek Bail ShutoffsCombine Kochek Bail Shutoffs with Kochek nozzles to build your own custom system or any application.Features: Constructed of light weight Aluminum and Stainless Steel Ideal for...


Kochek Barrel Strainer


Kochek Barrel StrainerNST/NH ThreadsThe Kochek Barrel Strainer sets the standard with the lightest weight barrel you can find and a convenient lanyard connection on the end. Features: Standard...


Kochek Camlock x Camlock


Kochek Storz Rigid Long HandleThe Kochek Camlock x Camlock meets all NFPA 1961 requirements and remains flexible in temperatures of 150 degrees to -40 degrees.Features:Wall thickness from 3" to 6"...


Kochek Haz-Mat Adapters


Kochek Haz-Mat AdaptersThe Kochek Haz-Mat Adapters convert from a 1.5" or 2.5" male thread to two male Garden Hose Thread (GHT) connectors with individual quater-turn shut-offs.Features: All...