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Collapsible Bottle Carrier


Flamefighter Collapsible SCBA Bottle CarrierThe FlameFighter Collapsible SCBA Bottle Carrier solves your fire ground storage needs. In expanded position it will hold 8 spare cylinders. The...


Flamefighter Axe Strap


Flamefighter Axe StrapVelcro Marrying Strap was designed to free one hand allowing the other to hold onto a stair railing, ladder rung or hold a flashlight in a darken area.


FlameFighter Bolt Cutters


Flamefighter Bolt CuttersThe FlameFighter Bolt Cutters are the fire departments skeleton key, a bolt cutter is a necessity on every piece of apparatus a fire department owns.Features:Hardened jaws...


Flamefighter D-Handle Shovel


Flamefighter D-Handle ShovelThe Flamefighter D-Handle Shovel is 27" in length.All Poles are produced from thousands of continuous fiberglass strands, saturated with thermosetting resins and a center...


Flamefighter Drywall Hook


Flamefighter Drywall HookThe head of the Flamefighter Drywall Hook is fabricated from 3/16" steel plate and then welded into a solid structure. The use of fabricated parts results in a stronger and...


Flamefighter Fire Cart


Flamefighter Fire CartThe Flamefighter Fire Cart is ideal for in-door/out-door storage of fire hose reels, fire blankets, sand, first aid equipment, grit, salt, sand, absorbents, fertilizer, animal...


Flamefighter Fire Flapper


Flamefighter Wildland Fire Flapper The Flamefighter Fire Flapper is a wildland firefighting tool also called a swatter or a beater. The Wildland Fire Flapper comes with a 5' fiberglass handle...


Flamefighter Flat Head Axe


FlameFighter Flathead AxeThe FlameFighter Flathead Axe is used where chopping is the primary need. This Flathead Axe feels great in your hands and swings well.Features: Fiberglass handle with...


FlameFighter Forestry Shovel


FlameFighter Forestry ShovelThe pole of the Forestry Shovel is produced from thousands of continuous fiberglass strands, saturated with thermosetting resins and a center plastic core for added...