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The Kussmaul Auto Eject

Posted by Aaron Gowaski on May 30th 2024

The Kussmaul Auto Eject

The Kussmaul Auto Eject system is designed to automatically connect and disconnect the power supply of an emergency vehicle when it's parked or leaving the station. Here's a breakdown of its functionality: 

1. Connection: When the emergency vehicle returns to the station and parks, the Kussmaul Auto Eject system seamlessly engages. It connects the vehicle to the shore power or charging station, ensuring that the vehicle's batteries remain fully charged and ready for the next deployment.

2. Safe Power Disconnection: Upon receiving a signal that the vehicle is ready to depart, the system disengages the power connection swiftly and safely. This feature eliminates the risk of accidental disconnection and ensures that the vehicle is always powered and operational. 

3. Integrated Safety Features: The Kussmaul Auto Eject system is equipped with built-in safety mechanisms to prevent damage to the vehicle or charging station. It regulates the power flow and monitors voltage levels, providing a reliable and secure charging solution.

Key Benefits The Kussmaul Auto Eject system offers a myriad of benefits to emergency response teams and their vehicles: 

1. Time Savings: By automating the power connection and disconnection process, the system saves valuable time for emergency personnel. This time can be crucial in situations where every second counts. 

2. Battery Maintenance: Keeping the vehicle's batteries fully charged prolongs their lifespan and ensures optimal performance during emergencies. The system's ability to maintain battery health is essential for the reliability of emergency vehicles. 

3. Enhanced Safety: With its integrated safety features, the Kussmaul Auto Eject system mitigates the risk of electrical hazards and equipment damage. Emergency personnel can focus on their mission with the peace of mind that their vehicles are equipped with a reliable power management solution. 

The Auto Eject also has a dynamic disconnect feature. The dynamic disconnect prevents arcing within the system to help extend the life of the eject and provide a much safer disconnect. At Firepenny we make sure to keep a constant stock of Auto ejects - Order Yours Today!