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Sprinkler Shutoff


Tempest GloWedge Door Chock, 2 Pack


Tempest GloWedge Door Chock, 2 Pack The Tempest GloWedge Door Chocks are made from a high strength polymer to provide years of use and abuse. The glow-in-the-dark material illuminates brightly to aid in easy sighting and use. Features:Extremely...


Tele-Lite Sprinker Stop


Tele-Lite Sprinkler StopThe Tele-Lite Sprinkler Stop allows fire crews to stop water damage from occurring without shutting the whole sprinkler system down. The Tele-Lite Sprinkler Stop allows the crew to attend to other tasks such as evacuation of the...


Quickstop Extension Pole


Quickstop Extension PoleThe Quickstop Extension Pole allows the user to operate remotely helping to avoid climbing slippery ladders or getting soaked with water. The 12 foot pole collapses down to 6.5 feet to fit in elevators and for storage. The...


Quickstop Heavy Duty Nylon Case


Quickstop Heavy Duty Nylon Case Protect your Quickstop Talon or Multi-Tool in the ballistac grade Quickstop Heavy Duty Nylon Case.Fire Departments can mount your firefighter multi-tool to existing high-rise hosepacks giving firefighters the tools they...


Quickstop Talon Fire Sprinkler Tool


CURRENT LEAD TIME 4-6 WEEKS Quickstop Talon Fire Sprinkler ToolThe Quickstop Talon Fire Sprinkler Tool is the ONLY Fire Sprinkler tool on the market that stops 1/2" and 3/4" sprinkler heads whether they are intact, damaged or completely sheared. Each...


Quickstop Sprinkler Tool Wall Mount


Quickstop Sprinkler Tool Wall MountQuickstop Tools has teamed up with Safety Technology Incorporated to introduce our new fire sprinkler tool mounting system. STI has been manufacturing top of the line fire protection products for over 30 years. The...

Fat Ivan

Fat Ivan Folding Door Chock with Magnets


Fat Ivan Folding Door Chock with MagnetsIntroducing the FAT IVAN, the evolution of the door chock. Holds the door open all the time...every time! Compact, lightweight design (4" x 2" x 1", product weight is only 5 oz.) Strong, durable, corrosion...

Akron Brass

Akron 1078 Quikfit Sprinkler Shutoff


Akron 1078 Quikfit Sprinkler ShutoffThe Akron 1078 Quikfit Sprinkler Shutoff is a simple, quick, positive shutoff for many types of sprinkler heads with openings of approximately 7/8" wide by 1" high or 3/4" wide by 1 11/16" high.Allows sprinkler heads...