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TrafFix 42" Looper Tube


TrafFix 42" Looper Tube 46000 Series (quantity 4 minimum purchase)The stem of the TrafFix 42" Looper Tubes are made of flexible yet durable fluorescent low density polyethylene material, with UV inhibitors to minimize fading. The recessed areas on the...

Pro-Line Traffic Safety

Pro Line Barricade Tape


Barricade TapeThis Pro Line Safety Barricade Tape is 3 mil. x 1000 feetAvailable Options:CautionCrime Scene Do Not EnterFire LineNo ParkingPoliceSecuritySheriff*Actual products may vary from image shown


FRC Mansaver Safety Bar


FRC Mansaver Safety BarThe FRC Mansaver Safety Bar is a safety bar that can be mounted across walk-through openings on pumpers or on the turntable of aerial devices to help prevent an accidental fall.The ManSaver is spring loaded so that it always...


Barricade Banner Tape Economical


The Barricade Warning Tape consist of high visibility safety yellow or red polyethylene with bold black letters. The Barricade Warning Tape has a standard letter height is two inches (2") and help prevent accidents by increasing visibility of hazards and...