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Streamlight Portable Scene Light II, 120V AC


Streamlight Portable Scene Light II, 120V AC


Streamlight Portable Scene Light II, 120V ACSKU: STRE-46000 The Streamlight Portable Scene Light II is a rugged high lumen flood light with up to 10,000 lumens. Turn to a higher power with the Portable Scene Light II. This waterproof area light requires...


Streamlight Vantage 180 X


Streamlight Vantage 180 X Helmet Light The Streamlight Vantage 180 X Helmet Light is a lightweight helmet light, flashlight and right-angle light in one. The Vantage 180 has a main front-facing C4 white LED plus a rear facing blue LED for visability...


Streamlight Vantage II LED Helmet Light


Streamlight Vantage II LED Helmet LightThe Streamlight Vantage II LED is the next generation of reliable hands-free lighting tools for fire helmets. The Vantage II is lightweight, compact, powerful, shock-proof and virtually indestructible.Features: ...


Streamlight Rubber Helmet Strap


Streamlight Rubber Helmet StrapThe Streamlight Rubber Helmet Strap can be used in conjunction with Streamlight's 3AA ProPolymer HAZ-LO series or 4AA ProPolymer series of flashlights.It is a quick and easy, "no tools required" method to attach your...


Streamlight Polytac LED


Streamlight Polytac LEDThe all-purpose PolyTac is designed for the broadest range of lighting applications at the best value. It features a superior grip texture for a comfortable but slip-resistant feel, as well as TEN-TAP Programming that gives users...


Streamlight Gear Keeper


Streamlight Gear KeeperGear Keeper makes your job easier while preventing loss of light.Gear Keeper Tether features spectra nylon line with 36" extension and 6 oz. retraction force.


Streamlight Polystinger DS LED Light


Streamlight Polystinger DS LED Light The Streamlight PolyStinger DS (Dual Switch) LED flashlight is available with new Smart Chargers for faster charging times. The Streamlight PolyStinger DS has both a head switch and tail switch. Use either switch for...


Streamlight Strion LED Flashlight


Streamlight Strion LED FlashlightThe Streamlight Strion LED Flashlight is a compact, professional light designed for the broadest range of lighting needs at the best value. The Strion LED is now brighter at 260 lumens!Three modes and strobe: High:...


Streamlight Key-Mate White LED Light


Streamlight Key-Mate, White LED LightThe Streamlight Key-Mate is the world's smallest, brightest, one-ounce, machined aluminum, one LED flashlight! The Streamlight Key-Mate runs longer and stays brighter.Features: Reflector optics deliver up to 400%...


Streamlight Stylus Pro


Streamlight Stylus ProThe Streamlight Stylus Pro is a sleek pen light that conveniently fits in your pocket. Ideal for anyone that needs a compact, durable light to carry on a daily basis. Now shining brighter at 90 lumens!Features:White C4 LED delivers...


Streamlight Stylus Reach Penlight


Streamlight Stylus Reach PenlightThe Streamlight Stylus Reach Penlight is ready for a variety of tasks. Featuring a 7-inch flexible cable with a high-intensity white LED of 11 lumens mounted at the end, the Streamlight Stylus Reach Penlight is a good...


Streamlight Stylus LED Penlight


Streamlight Stylus LED Penlight, Alkaline Batteries, White LEDThe Streamlight Stylus LED Penlight has a battery life 20x greater than a standard flashlight and goes anywhere you need it.Features: Body available in black, gold, silver, US flag, blue,...


Streamlight Enduro LED Headlamp


Streamlight Enduro LED HeadlampOne of the lightest, brightest, most comfortable head-lamps available today. The Streamlight Enduro LED Headlamp features High and Low lighting modes and a runtime up to 12 hours.Features: Powered by two 1.5V "AAA"...


Streamlight Argo LED Headlamp


Streamlight Argo LED HeadlampThe Streamlight Argo LED Headlamp will illuminate objects at a distance of a far-reaching beam of 190 meters.You may prefer the features of this headlamp if you're checking utility lines from the ground or moving about during...


Streamlight 3AA HAZ-LO LED Headlamp


Streamlight 3AA HAZ-LO LED HeadlampThe compact, long-running, high-performance Streamlight 3AA HAZ-LO LED Headlamp meets the stringent requirements of Division 1 hazardous locations while maintaining exceptional light output and a long run time.Features:...


Streamlight E-Flood LiteBox HL


Streamlight E-Flood LiteBox HLWhen you need maximum illumination with a wide beam to light a large area, the E-Flood LiteBox HL provides a blast of 5,300 lumens.Features:Six C4 LEDs and wide reflectors produce a uniform flood patternThree user-selectable...


Streamlight WayPoint LED Spotlight


Streamlight WayPoint LED SpotlightThe Streamlight WayPoint LED Spotlight features a pistol-grip handle and an integrated stand for precise scene lighting.Features: Powered by 4 "C" batteries (not included) or 12V DC power cord (included) High...


Streamlight Vulcan 180


Streamlight Vulcan 180 Lightweight and portable, the Streamlight Vulcan 180 is designed to burn brighter and run longer to keep you covered on the job site. This rechargeable, waterproof lantern has a 180 degree tilting head which allows you to direct...


Streamlight Fire Vulcan Rechargeable LED


Streamlight Fire Vulcan Rechargeable LEDRECHARGEABLE LED LANTERN - So light it floats! The Streamlight Fire Vulcan Rechargeable LED Lantern is the brightest rechargeable LED lantern in its class. The life-saving taillights are just part of what makes the...


Blackhawk! Expandable Baton Carrier


Blackhawk! Expandable Baton Carrier The Expandable Baton Carrier is molded from durable CORDURA nylon for years of dependable daily use. It holds 21- to 26-inch expandable batons. The hole in back allows for the insertion of an opened baton. It can also...