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  • Kochek Barrel Strainer


    Kochek Barrel Strainer

    $125.00 - $317.98

    Kochek Barrel StrainerNST/NH ThreadsThe Kochek Barrel Strainer sets the standard with the lightest weight barrel you can find and a convenient lanyard connection on the end. Features: Standard Finish - Silverdillo Powder Coat Available in 1.5" - 6"...

  • Kochek Barrel Strainer, Bottom Guard


    Kochek Barrel Strainer, Bottom Guard

    $367.69 - $635.00

    Kochek Barrel Strainer, Bottom GuardThe Big Water Kochek Barrel Strainer comes with 8" Tubing and Bottom Guard.Features: NH Threads Big Water 8" Tubing Bottom Guard Storz & Camlock available - please call or email for pricing

  • Kochek Low Level Strainer


    Kochek Low Level Strainer

    $380.83 - $729.57

    Kochek Low Level StrainerThe Kochek Low Level Strainers have a small footprint, are light weight, have a built-in water transfer device, and pump capacity flows.Type: NH Threads Camlock Storz

  • Zico Floating Strainer


    Zico Floating Strainer

    $635.00 - $895.00

    Zico Floating StrainerFloating strainers help draft water from virtually any source, deep or shallow, insuring you get a sufficient volume of water at draft from pools, ponds, portable tanks, and more.The box strainer, more efficient than a barrel...