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Tempest VentMaster Chain Saws


Tempest 12V LED Light with Bracket


Tempest 12V LED Light With BracketWorking in a well lit area should never be taken for granted. In case you find yourself in a dimly lit room or area, create a light source right from your Tempest fan. Using an industry leading Streamlight flashlight and...


Tempest BB16 Battery Blower, 10,940 CFM


Tempest BB16 Battery Blower, 10,940 CFMThe Tempest BB16 Battery Blower is powerful, lightweight, and self-contained. At full speed, this battery blower can run for 50 minutes and blows 10,940 CFM.Features: 50-Minute Run Time Removable Battery Removable...


Tempest Door Bar Holder


Tempest Door Bar HandleWhen used in combination with our Hanging Bracket Set, the Door Bar Holder allows you to hang your Tempest EBS-16 from almost any doorway or window way. The Bar is made for easy installation and provides universal, secure mounting...


Tempest Ducting Hose Adapter


Tempest Ducting Hose AdapterThe Hose Adapter is a must when wanting to use ducting on your Tempest EBS-16. Made of durable spun aluminum, the adapter bolts directly to the EBS-16 on either side, creating a platform to attach the desired ducting...


Tempest Ducting Stabalizer


Tempest Ducting StabalizerJust as the name implies, this accessory stabilizes the loose end of your ducting to allow for efficient and effective air movement exactly where you need it. The Stabilizer is a perfect addition with our Smooth Bore Ducting...


Tempest Fan Hold-Downs


Tempest Fan Hold-DownsTo make transporting your Tempest Power Blower safer and more convenient, we've designed a special device to secure your fan. These Hold-Downs will bolt to a desired location and allow you to quickly attach and detach your...


Tempest Smooth Bore Ducting


Tempest Smooth Bore DuctingThe Tempest Smooth Bore Ducting is used to aid in hard to reach ventilation and dust/particulate removal. If you're looking to expand your ventilation reach, look no further.Features:Increases Ventilation Reach and AccessCost...


Tempest VentMaster 3120K Cutoff Saw


Tempest VentMaster 3120K Cutoff SawThe Tempest VentMaster 3120K Cutoff Saw is a 119cc saw and is one of the most powerful handheld power cutters. The 3120K has a rugged and powerful engine that can handle deep cutting applications with blade diameters...


Tempest VentMaster 375K Cutoff Saw


Tempest VentMaster 375K Firefighter Cutoff SawThe Tempest VentMaster 375K Cutoff Saw incorporates features found on no other Cut Off Saw on the market today. This lightweight unit provides for maximum Power, Versatility and Durability. Smoother...


Zico Chain Saw Mount


Zico Chain Saw MountThe Zico Chain Saw Mount mounts chains saws, abrasive cut-offs saws and other gasoline engine tools on these specially designed brackets. Features:Absorbent pad collects fluids and maybe changed as requiredSafety strap secures the saw...


Zico Oval Quic-Mount Holder, 1 gallon


Zico Oval Quic-Mount Holder, 1 gallonThe Zico Oval Quic-Mount Holder holds up to a 1.0-gallon container. Features:Cast aluminum container mounts1" nylon safety strapsQuick-release bucklesOval holder for 1-gallon oval safety canDimensions: 6.75" W x 9.25"...