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CMC Rescue

CMC Tactical Harness Pouch


CMC Tactical Harness PouchThe Tactical Harness Pouch is removable and can hold Prusiks, Purcells and accessories, or up to 6.5 M of cord.Features:Features Velcro top flap and attachment tunnel for harness connectionAttaches easily to harness or most...

CMC Rescue

CMC Rescue Helitack Harness


CMC Rescue Helitack Harness A Harness designed for Helicopter Crew, Rope Rescue and RappellingDesigned for aircrews by aircrews, the full-body CMC Rescue Helitack Harness brings operator comfort, safety and versatility to a new level. The sewn waist loop...

CMC Rescue

CMC Rescue CMC/ROCO Work-Rescue Harness


CMC ROCO Work-Rescue Harness When time is of the essence, donning a harness shouldn't slow you down. Thanks to its innovative no-step design, the CMC/ROCO Work-Rescue Harness is extraordinarily fast and easy to don. Contrasting color distinctions on...

CMC Rescue

CMC Rescue Tactical Rappel Harness


CMC Rescue Tactical Rappel HarnessThe CMC Tactical Rappel Harness is a simple one-size-fits-most harness that features all-black web and buckles. The low-profile design provides a snug, secure fit that can be worn all the time or donned quickly when...

CMC Rescue

CMC Rescue Utility Harness


CMC Rescue Utility Harness The CMC Rescue Utility Harness is an excellent choice for a truck company's rope kit, this simple one-size-fits-most harness uses the same heavy-duty web and buckles as our rescue harnesses and is sewn to the same exacting...

CMC Rescue

CMC Rescue Confined Space Harness


CMC Rescue Confined Space HarnessThe CMC Rescue Confined Space Harness is designed for Confined Space, Rope Rescue, Work at Height and Rappelling.The perfect all-around choice for confined space operations, heavy rescue and USAR incidents, the Confined...

Yates Gear

Yates Gear Fire Tool Holster


Yates Gear Fire Tool HolsterThe Yates Gear Fire Tool Holster is a tool/axe holder that fits most harnesses.Features:Fits onto any webbing up to 1.75 inchesHangs below belt to allow tilting of axe, facilitating climbing stairs and laddersAdjustable...

Yates Gear

Yates Gear NFPA Full Body Harness


Yates Gear NFPA Full Body HarnessThe Yates Gear NFPA Full Body Harness is designed for fire department, rescue, military, industrial and commercial applications where a rear fall arrest D attachment point is not required.Features:Chest portion includes...

Yates Gear

Yates Gear Kevlar Ladderman Harness


Yates Gear Kevlar Ladderman HarnessThe Yates Kevlar Ladderman Harness has the same construction as Ladderman Harness manufactured from heat resistant Kevlar webbing with Nomex pouch.Ultimate in heat resistance. Lightweight harness specially designed for...

Yates Gear

Yates Gear NFPA Seat Harness


Yates Gear NFPA Seat HarnessThe Yates Gear NFPA Seat Harness is designed for fire department, rescue, military, industrial and commercial applications where a Class II seat harness is required. Quickly and easily donned and adjusted by use of camlock...


PacMule Fireman Escape Belt, Side Rings


PacMule Fireman's Escape BeltThe PacMule Fireman's Escape Belt is the ultimate hands-free belt designed by firefighters.Features:Adjustable quick-clip waistbelt2" forged bailout D-ringTwo - 2" drop-down tool D-rings on the hipsAll D-rings secure with...


Petzl VOLT WIND Harness


Petzl VOLT WIND HarnessFall arrest and work positioning harnessThe Petzl VOLT WIND Harness is a fall arrest and work positioning harness. Thanks to the FAST LT PLUS automatic buckles that allow the harness to be donned with feet on the ground...