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Hale Fire Pumps

Hale Pumps

Hale 10.5HP Super Chief Floating Fire Pump


Hale Super Chief Floating Fire PumpFlows:90 GPM @ 35 PSI420 GPM @ 8 PSIThe Hale Super Chief Floating Firefighting Pump has a unique design specially engineered for the fire service. The pump and engine assembly detach easily from the float. The float...

Hale Pumps

Hale HPX75-B23 Firefighting Pump


Hale HPX75-B23 Fire PumpThe pump/engine shall be capable of meeting the NFPA 1906 performance rating 50 GPM @ 250 PSI. Flows (from a 5 foot draft at sea level):135 GPM @ 80 PSI70 GPM @ 220 PSI50 GPM @ 250 PSI15 GPM @ 380 PSIThe Hale HPX75-B23 has flows...

Hale Pumps

Hale HPX450-B35 Firefighting Pump


Hale HPX450-B35 Firefighting PumpThe Hale HPX450-B35 Attack Max Firefighting Pump is conveniently designed for easy of use and high capacity. Flows: (see above pump curve under picture of pump)550 GPM @ 45 PSI400 GPM @ 75 PSI250 GPM @ 100 PSIPower is...

Hale Pumps

Hale Fyr Pak Portable Backpack Pump


Hale Fyr Pak Portable Backpack PumpThe Hale Fyr Pak Pump is a lightweight portable centrifugal pump mounted on a padded adjustable backpack frame. Weighing only 34 pounds, the Hale Fyr Pak can pump water from draft, relay, or hydrant. It can go where a...

Hale Pumps

Hale 8HP Fyr Flote Floating Fire Pump


Hale Fyr Flote Floating Fire PumpFlows (High Volume):135 GPM @ 30 PSI80 GPM @ 75 PSI15 GPM @ 120 PSIFlows (High Pressure):65 GPM @ 65 PSI45 GPM @ 100 PSI20 GPM @ 155 PSIThe Hale Fyr Flote Pump is a lightweight, portable centrifugal pump mounted on an...