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Piercing Nozzles


Flamefighter 906 Piercing Nozzle, 125 GPM


Flamefighter 906 Series 90 Degree Nozzle for Vehicle Fires, 125 GPMThe Flamefighter Piercing Nozzle combines the best of durability, flexibility and are lightweight.This Piercing Nozzle has removable nozzles which allow for extension tubes to be added...


Flamefighter 902/904 Piercing Nozzle


Flamefighter 902/904 Piercing Nozzle, 175 GPMThe Flamefighter 902/904 Piercing Nozzles are lightweight and combine the best of both durability and flexibility. Nozzle only needs to be driven in 3.75 inches to have full penetration of the sprayer unit...


Original Flamefighter 2500 Piercing Nozzle


Original Lightweight Flamefighter Piercing Nozzle Kit with Shut Off ValveThe Original Lightweight Flamefighter Piercing Nozzle Kit allows you to determine the length best suited for your firefighting situation.Modular sections of 2', 3', 6' give you the...


Original Flamefighter 1000 Piercing Nozzle


Original Flamefighter 1000 Piercing NozzleThe Original Flamefighter 1000 Piercing Nozzle gets you to the source of the fire quickly. In just seconds, firefighters can insert a Flamefighter nozzle into virtually any desired entry point and generate a high...


Crestar Piercing Nozzle, 125 GPM


Crestar Piercing Nozzle, 125 GPMThe Crestar Piercing Nozzle comes with a Steel Point and Dense Fog Pattern.Features:Steel PointDense Fog Pattern3' length1-1/2" continuous swivel inletInlet:1-1/2" swivelLength:3'Weight:12 lbs