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Hose Clamps & Straps

C&S Supply

C&S Supply Widland Hose Clamp


C&S Supply Wildland Hose ClampMODEL # HC1510The C&S Supply Wildland Hose Clamp is used for single jacketed firefighting hose 1-1/2" or smaller.The C&S Supply Wildland Hose Clamp meets or exceeds the USDA FS 5100 Series specifications.Length: 12"Weight: 1...

R&B Fabrications

Double Donut Strap


R&B Fabrications Double Donut StrapThe Double Donut Strap holds two 50' sections of 1 3/4" hose and is made of heavy-duty nylon webbing and high-sheer strength Velcro.Features:Easy storage - hose stacks and is compact enough to fit into...

R&B Fabrications

Firefighting Hose Strap


Firefighting Hose StrapThe Firefighting Hose Strap securely holds up to 50', 100', 150' or 200' of 1 3/4" double jacketed fire hose, the most commonly used attack hose in the fire service. The Fire Hose Strap deals for quick attack lines or standpipe...

R&B Fabrications

Gripper Fire Hose System


Gripper Fire Hose SystemThe R&B Fabrications Gripper Hose System consists of three heavy duty nylon straps with a padded shoulder sling, all sewn together with a cross piece to create a hose harness. The Gripper Hose System has a padded high visibility...

Hebert Hose Clamp

Hebert Hose Clamp


Hebert Hose ClampThe Hebert Hose Clamp brings the hydrant to the fire. When removing a burst hose line and/or shutting off a hose line, the Hebert Hose Clamp saves time and labor.Features: One side is hinged while the other is a spring controlled...

R&B Fabrications

Hose Vice 200


Hose Vice 200The R&B Fabrications Hose Vice 200 is the latest in the evolution of fire hose carrying systems. Features:Updated shoulder strap - adjustable and removableShoulder strap is long enough that a firefighter can carry the bundle across the body...

R&B Fabrications

Milwaukee Shoulder Strap


Milwaukee Shoulder StrapThe R&B Fab Milwaukee Shoulder Strap has a 2" nylon web that is 48" long. Aluminum carbineer on each end of the Milwaukee Shoulder Strap allows the strap to be used with most any Hose Pack & Accessory Bag.Features: Color: BlackWt...

R&B Fabrications

Milwaukee Strap Fire Hose Pack


Milwaukee Strap Fire Hose PackThe R&B Fabrications Milwaukee Strap Fire Hose Pack is constructed of heavy 22 oz. reinforced vinyl with double thickness on the sides, bottom and ends to keep the fire hose in an attack ready condition. This Milwaukee Strap...

R&B Fabrications

Single Fire Hose Gripper Strap


Single Fire Hose Gripper StrapThe R&B Fabrications Single Fire Hose Gripper Strap is an individual nylon strap, which is best used in a series of four. The Single Fire Hose Gripper Straps consist of stainless steel buckles, which can be operated in the...