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EMS Equipment

  • Airport Wand

    Safety Flags of America

    Airport Wand

    $8.00 - $9.00

    Airport WandThe Airport Wand is a hand held, battery powered warning light wands for directing aircraft as well as vehicle traffic. Translucent white wand is 21" long and can be operated in 3 states: flashing red strobe, steady red or steady blue. Holds...

  • Blackhawk! Fire/EMS Medic Roll
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    Blackhawk! Fire/EMS Medic Roll


    Blackhawk! Fire/EMS Medic RollFeaturing 15 various sized clear pouches, the Blackhawk! Fire/EMS Medic Roll is a great way to organize and carry all your medical supplies. The Fire/EMS Medic Roll rolls up into a compact rig and is secured by hook & loop...

  • Blackhawk! Stomp Medical Backpack


    Blackhawk! Stomp Medical Backpack


    **Currently unavailable in Olive**Blackhawk! Stomp Medical BackpackDesigned to SEAL team medic specifications, this heavy-duty Stomp Medical Backpack is equipped with adjustable shoulder straps, sternum strap and web belt for comfortable carry even under...

  • Break Away Plastic Stretcher
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    Junkin Safety

    Break Away Plastic Stretcher


    Break Away Plastic StretcherThe same construction as JSA-200. Designed to rescue injured persons from locations where lengthy foot travel is mandatory. The stretcher breaks into two halves which can be back-packed to the point of rescue and assembled in...

  • Chimfex Chimney Fire Extinguisher
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    Orion Safety Products

    Chimfex Chimney Fire Extinguisher


    Chimfex Chimney Fire ExtinguisherHelp protect your home and family with the Chimfex Chimney Fire Extinguisher that is used by homeowners, professional firefighters and chimney sweeps nationwide.Chimfex has been designated a CSIA-approved product by the...

  • Code 3 550 Series Rotating Beacon

    Code 3

    Code 3 550 Series Rotating Beacon

    $90.00 - $115.00

    Code 3 550 Series Rotating BeaconThe Code 3 550 Series Rotating Beacon has been an industry favorite for years. The 550 Beacon is reliable, powerful, and puts out a big, high-visable signal. Features: Open Parabolic Design Reflector Red, Blue,...

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    Code 3

    Code 3 Banshee


    Code 3 BansheeThe Code 3 Banshee is the only siren amplifier system with dual tone capability, low frequency, electronic air horn, and additional built in specialty tones all in one box. Features:Works with any siren system on the marketCan be...

  • Code 3 LED Beacon Strobe Light

    Code 3

    Code 3 LED Beacon Strobe Light

    $199.00 - $211.00

    Code 3 LED Beacon Strobe LightThe Code 3 LED Beacon Strobe Light is a LED Beacon that truly meets strobe and halogen performance.Specifications: Pipe/Permanent mount: 4.57" H x 5.75" base diameter (116.1mm x 146mm) Pipe/Permanent Lens diameter: 4.29"...