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Tempest Steel Saw Box Kit


Tempest Steel Saw Box KitStore all of your equipment in one place for fast, easy access! This Tempest Saw Box is made of heavy gauge steel to withstand any amount of abuse. Saw box kits are available for chain saws and cutoff saws.Features:Chainsaw Box...


Tempest Diamond Plate Saw Box Kit


Tempest Diamond Plate Saw Box KitStore all of your equipment in one place for fast, easy access! Tempest saw boxes are made of heavy duty diamond plate to withstand any amount of abuse. Saw box kits are available for chain saws and cutoff saws...


Tempest Saw Mounting Bracket


Tempest Saw Mounting BracketThe VentMaster Saw Bracket makes it easy to mount the saw in your vehicle compartment. Base comes with special absorbent foam that collects draining bar oil. Adjustable strap will secure most chain saw and cutoff saws. Specify...


Tempest VentMaster Saw Sling


Tempest VentMaster Saw SlingThe VentMaster Saw Sling makes it easy to carry the VentMaster saw while leaving both hands free. It is important safety equipment when climbing a ladder or walking across a roof structure. Wide webbing attaches to the saw...


Tempest VentMaster Conversion Kit


Tempest VentMaster Conversion KitThe Tempest VentMaster Conversion Kit is the easy and convenient way to upgrade you current saw into a heavy-duty fire/rescue chainsaw. The Raptor Carbide Chain features open double-raker design, heavy tie straps, drive...


Tempest Rim Sprocket


Tempest Rim SproketThe Tempest Rim Sproket is a self-cleaning, heavy-duty drive sprocket. Required for Raptor Chain unless your saw now runs .404 pitch, .063 gauge chain and bar. Options of Pitch:0.4040.375


Tempest KIS-360 Adjustable Depth Gauge


Tempest KIS-360 Adjustable Depth GaugeThe Tempest KIS-360 Adjustable Depth Gauge is the newest addition to the VentMaster line of innovative cutting tools for fire/rescue and industrial ventilation. The Tempest KIS-360 Adjustable Depth Gauge allows...


Tempest VentMaster Chainsaw Blade


Tempest VentMaster Chainsaw BladeThe Tempest VentMaster Chainsaw Blade is designed specifically to withstand the rigors of fire and rescue operations. Features an open double-raker design, heavy tie straps, drive links, and rivets for reliability and...


Tempest VentMaster 375K Cutoff Saw


Tempest VentMaster 375K Firefighter Cutoff SawThe Tempest VentMaster 375K Cutoff Saw incorporates features found on no other Cut Off Saw on the market today. This lightweight unit provides for maximum Power, Versatility and Durability. Smoother...


Tempest VentMaster 3120K Cutoff Saw


Tempest VentMaster 3120K Cutoff SawThe Tempest VentMaster 3120K Cutoff Saw is a 119cc saw and is one of the most powerful handheld power cutters. The 3120K has a rugged and powerful engine that can handle deep cutting applications with blade diameters up...


Tempest All-Cut Rescue Diamond Blade


Tempest All-Cut Rescue Diamond BladeDiamonds are attached using a vacuum brazing process. Blade core features silicone carbide electroplating to reduce binding.Features:The best "All Purpose" bladeSteel, rebar, ductile iron, copperWood, fiber board,...


Tempest Ductile Iron Diamond Blade


Tempest Ductile Iron Diamond BladeDiamonds are attached using a vacuum brazing process. Blade core features silicone carbide electroplating to reduce binding.Features:14"Ductile ironCast ironConcrete pipeReinforced concrete**Will cause excessive blade...


Tempest Concrete Diamond Blade


Tempest Concrete Diamond BladeThe Tempest Concrete Diamond Blades are attached using a laser welding process.Features:14"Diamonds are attached using a laser welding process.General purpose concrete cuttingConcrete pipeConcrete walls NOTE ON CUTTING...


Tempest Ducting Stabalizer


Tempest Ducting StabalizerJust as the name implies, this accessory stabilizes the loose end of your ducting to allow for efficient and effective air movement exactly where you need it. The Stabilizer is a perfect addition with our Smooth Bore Ducting...


Tempest Smoke Ejector, Electric


Tempest Smoke Ejector, ElectricWhile they're not as effective as positive pressure ventilators, Smoke Ejectors are still the go to for many departments around the world for their compact size/weight, simplicity and affordability. Perfect for ventilating...


Tempest Special Operations Blower


Tempest Special Operations BlowerNeed Laminar Air Flow (LAF) but want the convenience of an electric positive pressure ventilation fan? Paired with our latest VS Drive, the Tempest Special Operations Power Blower delivers just what you've been looking...


Tempest Basic Positive Pressure Blowers


Tempest Basic BlowersThe Tempest Basic Blowers are an economical option for departments in need of a durable PPV blower that won't strain their equipment budget. Built with the same quality and workmanship as a premium Tempest power blower, the Basic...


Tempest Direct-Drive PPV Fan, Gas


Tempest Direct-Drive Positive Pressure Ventilation (PPV) Fan - GasThe Tempest Direct-Drive Positive Pressure Ventilation Fans offer the ideal combination of value, performance and durability. All models feature an overhead valve engine that delivers...


Tempest Belt Drive Power Blower


Tempest Belt Drive Power BlowerTempest's Belt-Drive Power Blowers are what started it all. The first versions of this positive pressure ventilation fan were designed in the late 80's to introduce Positive Pressure Attack (PPA) to the fire industry...


Tempest Single Speed Electric PPV Fan


Tempest Single Speed Electric PPV FanThe Tempest Single-Speed PPV fans feature some of the lightest designs available and are perfect for departments looking to go electric on a limited budget.Available with hazardous location (Explosion Proof, EP)...


Tempest Misting Ring


Tempest Misting RingMade of all stainless steel construction, with high pressure brass fittings, the Tempest Misting Ring will operate on street pressure, or up to 100 psi from a pump.Attaching to 16" blower grills, or larger, the use of a misting ring...


Tempest Ducting Hose Adapter


Tempest Ducting Hose AdapterThe Hose Adapter is a must when wanting to use ducting on your Tempest EBS-16. Made of durable spun aluminum, the adapter bolts directly to the EBS-16 on either side, creating a platform to attach the desired ducting...


Tempest 12V LED Light with Bracket


Tempest 12V LED Light With BracketWorking in a well lit area should never be taken for granted. In case you find yourself in a dimly lit room or area, create a light source right from your Tempest fan. Using an industry leading Streamlight flashlight and...


Tempest Fan Hold-Downs


Tempest Fan Hold-DownsTo make transporting your Tempest Power Blower safer and more convenient, we've designed a special device to secure your fan. These Hold-Downs will bolt to a desired location and allow you to quickly attach and detach your...


Tempest Exhaust Extension


Tempest Exhaust ExtensionThe Tempest Exhaust Extension is the ideal solution for reducing the amount of exhaust and CO introduced during PPV operations.Features: 2" x 10' Made of durable polyethylene that can withstand temperatures from 20 degrees...


Tempest Smooth Bore Ducting


Tempest Smooth Bore DuctingThe Tempest Smooth Bore Ducting is used to aid in hard to reach ventilation and dust/particulate removal. If you're looking to expand your ventilation reach, look no further.Features:Increases Ventilation Reach and AccessCost...


Tempest Flex Tubing


Tempest Flex-TubingThe Tempest Standard Flexible Tubing is made of heat and corrosion resistant material.Features: Made of heat and corrosion resistant material Tubing shipped with a cuff and hooks for easy attachment to blower Multiple sections...


Tempest Blackout Smoke Machine, 110v


Tempest Blackout Smoke Machine, 110vThe Tempest Blackout Smoke Machine is built for extreme smoke output; eight times the smoke as the Dusk and twice as much as the Nightfall.Ideal for Large Training Applications, Built-In Applications, Large Group...


Tempest Nightfall Smoke Machine, 110v


Tempest Nightfall Smoke Machine, 110vThe Tempest Nightfall Smoke Machine is the perfect balance in high performance, features and cost.Ideal for Portable Training Applications, Fire Academy Training, Multiple Evolutions, Training in Medium-size Acquired...


Tempest Dusk Smoke Machine, 110v


Tempest Dusk Smoke Machine, 110vThe Tempest Dusk Smoke Machine is an entry level unit designed for simplicity and performance smoke output; all at a very competitive price.Ideal for Fire Prevention/Education, School Presentations, Smoke Trailers, Small...


Tempest VentMaster Diamond Blade, 14"


Tempest VentMaster Diamond BladeThe Tempest VentMaster Diamond Blade is manufactured with premium grade diamonds which are fused to the blade segements using an exclusive vacuum braised technology ensuring outstanding strength and performance.The Diamond...