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Honda WX15TA 1-1/2" Lightweight Pump


Honda WX15TA 1-1/2" Lightweight Pump


Honda WX15T 1-1/2" Lightweight Pump The Honda WX15T 1-1/2" Lightweight Pump is for truly portable pumping power. The WX15T has Lightweight Portability with almost double the performance of the WX10. Features:Honda Mini 4-Stroke EnginePumps up to 72...


Honda WX10TA 1" Lightweight Pump


Honda WX10TA 1" Lightweight PumpThe Honda WX10TA 1" Lightweight Pump is a 4 cycle Honda powered water pump with 40 gallon per minute performance.Features: Honda Mini 4-Stroke Engine Weighs 15 lbs. Pumps up to 40 gallons per minute Suction hose...


Tele-Lite Honda General Purpose Pump


Tele-Lite Honda General Purpose PumpThis pump is powered by Honda's 4 HP GX Series OHV premium residential engine with Rigid Mounted Cast Iron Volute and Cast Iron Impeller. This rugged water pump delivers Honda's renowned premium performance and quality...


Tele-Lite 8 Foot Tripod Light


Tele-Lite 8 Foot Tripod Light The TT-5 Tripod extends to over 8 feet high. It comes with a 500 W head, and is available with various plug configurations, L5-15 is standard.Features: Extended height - over 8' Height folded - 72" Cord attachment to...


Tele-Lite Tele-Aire PPV Fan (Gas)


Tele-Lite Tele-Aire PPV Fan (Gas) Tele-Aire Positive Pressure Fans are designed to provide the best value for fire and industrial applications, and they're powered by Honda engines to insure performance and reliability.Features: Quick set up - no power...


Tele-Lite TEU Honda LED Light/Generator


Tele-Lite TEU Honda LED Light/Generator The Tele-Lite TEU-1.LEDTL6 LED Light/Generator provides 15,000 Lumens of LED Lighting. These generator/lighting units are powered by the Honda EU1000i 1000-Watt inverter-style generator and are lightweight and fold...


Tele-Lite Smoke Generator Fluid


Tele-Lite Smoke Generator FluidThe Tele-Lite Smoke Fluid is stocked in two formulas, Tele-Max, which is the standard mix, and Tele-Pro, which has an extended hang time of 2 or 3 times that of the standard mix.Smoke Fluid is avaiable in 1-gallon...


Tele-Lite Sprinker Stop


Tele-Lite Sprinkler StopThe Tele-Lite Sprinkler Stop allows fire crews to stop water damage from occurring without shutting the whole sprinkler system down. The Tele-Lite Sprinkler Stop allows the crew to attend to other tasks such as evacuation of the...


Honda 5.5 HP General Purpose Pump


Honda Gasoline-Powered Transfer Utility Pump, 275GPM, 5.5HP, 3" NPT MaleThe Honda Gasoline-Powered Transfer Utility Pump delivers a maximum discharge capacity of 275 gpm and a max. head of 85'.Powered by Honda's 5.5 HP GX Series OHV premium residential...


Tele-Lite G3000 Smoke Generator


Tele-Lite G3000 Smoke GeneratorThe G3000 is the ultimate fog machine. The stainless steel body holds a one-gallon jug making it an ideal solution for continuous use in many different applications or environments.Features: RDM equipped technology DMX...


Tele-Lite Battle Fogger


Tele-Lite Battle FoggerThe Tele-Lite Battle Fogger has a continuous fog output from a re-engineered heat exchanger.Features and Benefits: Design Ingenuity A simple yet extremely effective fog machine incorporating a large heating block, a powerful...


Tele-Lite Universal Mister Kit


Tele-Lite Universal Mister KitThe Tele-Lite Universal Mister Kit attaches directly to the outlet guard and directs a fine vapor mist into the discharge of a Smoke Ejector or Positive Pressure Fan. The mist evaporates, reducing the ambient air temperature...


Tele-Lite Portable Floodlight


Tele-Lite Portable Floodlight The Tele-Lite Portable Floodlight features a recessed inlet on the backside of the base and a protective grid on the lens.Features: Rugged aluminum castings All stainless steel hardware Protective grid is standard Water...


Tele-Lite NEMA Electrical Adapters


Tele-Lite NEMA Electrical AdaptersWith the Tele-Lite NEMA Configuration Adapters you can make quick, secure connections between straight blade and locking plug/connectors.Features:Compact sizeHeavy-duty non-conducting housing and solid brass...