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Paratech SPF Hooligan Tool


Paratech SPF Hooligan ToolThe Paratech SPF Hooligan Tool is a single piece forged (SPF) tool intended to exceed FDNY specifications for their primary hand held forcible entry tools. It is the very first redesigned, single piece Halligan type tool...


Paratech Hooligan Tool


Paratech Hooligan Tool, Standard Cutting ClawThe Paratech Hooligan Tool has set the standard of excellence for Halligan type tools. The Heavy-duty Hooligan Tools were designed to pry, pound, puncture, twist, and cut open or remove all types of barriers...


Paratech Biel Tool


Paratech Biel ToolThe Paratech Biel Tool is one piece made out of heat treated, electro-polished, stainless steel with an extremely durable, ergonomically molded rubber handle.The Paratech Biel Tool incorporates many features found in the famous Paratech...


Paratech Pry Axe


Paratech Pry Fire AxeThe Paratech Pry Axe is a lightweight, multi-purpose, slam and ram tool designed to pry, enlarge openings, cut sheet metal and twist off locks and latches. Features:Forces entry, rescue and ventilate without waiting for helpSmall...


Paratech TiTAN Crash Axe


Paratech TiTAN Crash AxeThe Paratech TiTAN Crash Axe is designed to be an ergonomic, lightweight, wearable (using available holster) multi-purpose tool system that can be employed without preparation and used for forcible entry, extraction, and rescue...