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Firefighter Video Discount

Firepenny would like to work with you on getting more detailed on the products we sell by producing videos. We will offer discounts to customers who send us a short video (60 seconds or more) showing off products that you have purchased from us.

The video would have to be something that we can use which means: 

  1. Use/Display the product for its intended purpose (simple/basic procedure and operation)
  2. PG language
  3. Clear video footage (cell phone works)…no editing necessary, text/email Firepenny and we will edit the raw clip or clips
  4. The more detail the better!
  5. Don’t overthink…this should be a candid video that you would want to watch before making a purchasing decision

Please fill out the below form or contact me directly to setup a discount for Firepenny purchased equipment at or at 708-995-1241.

Best regards,
Brian Moke
Sales Manager

*this offer is only valid if previously discuss before video is sent
*videos received without prior written agreement will not be used and will not be subject to discount
*offer is for Firepenny customers who detail equipment purchased exclusively from Firepenny