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Filling Accessories


SCBA Air Fill Hose


SCBA Air Fill HoseThe SCBA Air Fill Hose is 6' long and for use on systems over 3000 psi.Features:Deluxe fill hose. 6' long, with shut-off valve6000 psi gauge w/rubber bootbleeder valve and hand tight nut and nipple that will fill either 2216 psi or 4500...


SCBA Flexible Pigtail Assembly


SCBA Flexible Pigtail AssemblyThe Stainless Steel Braided High Pressure SCBA Flexible Pigtail Assembly is for use with 3000-5500 psi systems.Features: CGA 347 Connections Stainless Steel Braided High Pressure Pigtail 24" Length For use with...


SCBA High Pressure Regulator


SCBA High Pressure RegulatorThe SCBA High Pressure Regulator is for use on any system up to 5500 psi. Features:0-6000 PSI inlet, 0-5500 psi outlet CGA-347 nut & nipple on the inlet side CGA-347 male thread on the outlet side 0-6000 psi gauges...


SCBA Low Pressure Regulator


SCBA Low Pressure RegulatorThe SCBA Low Pressure Regulator is used for low pressure outlets for use with supplied air systems, air chisels, air bag systems, etc.Features:0-6000 psi inlet, 0-400 psi outletCGA-347 hand nut & nipple on inlet, 1/4" FNPT...


SCBA Manifold


SCBA ManifoldThe SCBA Manifold comes with a 6000 PSI valve for each cylinder.All of the below manifolds include the following: 6000 PSI valve for each cylinder bank with #4 JIC male (37o flare) hose connectionshut-off valve and dust cap with the...