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Code 3 Sirens

Code 3

Code 3 Banshee


Code 3 BansheeThe Code 3 Banshee is the only siren amplifier system with dual tone capability, low frequency, electronic air horn, and additional built in specialty tones all in one box. Features:Works with any siren system on the marketCan be...

Code 3

Code 3 Remote Compact Siren


Code 3 Remote Compact SirenThe Code 3 Remote Compact Siren is designed to deliver true 100 watt output with outstanding clarity.Features: Delivers a True 100W Output in a Compact Size. Instant On Wail, Yelp, HyperYelp Tones Air Horn Versatile...

Code 3

Code 3 Remote Rocker Max Pak Switch


Code 3 Remote Rocker Max Pak SwitchThe Code 3 Remote Rocker Max Pak Switch allows users to program, customize, and control unique warning packages with a single switch box.Features: Top three buttons can be programmed as progressive level 1, 2, 3...

Code 3

Code 3 Rocker Max Pak


Code 3 Rocker Max PakThe Code 3 Rocker Max Pak features a 3-level slide switch and 6 rocker switches with legends for additional customization.Features:440-L6 three-level progressive slide switch, six rocker switches, and pre-installed legendsProgressive...

Code 3

Code 3 Scorpion Siren


Code 3 Scorpion SirenThe Code 3 3932 Scorpion Siren offers a full range of powerful options that are easy to use.Feature: Siren tone selection at the touch of a button Instant on Air horn Public address Radio rebroadcast Output short circuit...

Code 3

Code 3 V-Con Siren


Code 3 V-Con SirenThe Code 3 V-Con Siren is a compact, easy to use siren.Features: Compact, Easy to Use and Reliable Wail, YeIp and Hi/Lo or Hyper/Yelp Tones Public Address Radio Rebroadcast Hit-N-Go Air Horn Back Lighting 200W Output