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CMC Rescue

CMC Anchor Plates


CMC Anchor PlatesA Classic CMC InnovationThe CMC Anchor Plates keep the carabiners holding the different parts of your rescue system from jamming together. Features: Hardware becomes easier to see, making safety checks more accurate Keeps you from...

CMC Rescue

CMC Disaster Response Litter


CMC Disaster Response LitterThe CMC Disaster Response Litter is a medium-duty, economical litter designed for durability and versatility, featuring unique tubular runner rails that span the full length of the litter along the bottom. These provide a very...

CMC Rescue

CMC Traverse Advantage Plastic Stretcher


CMC Traverse Advantage Plastic StretcherFeaturing a fully internal stainless steel frame combined with a high-density polyethylene plastic shell that protects the patient and provides a smooth bottom surface for sliding, the CMC Traverse Advantage...

CMC Rescue

CMC Titanium Rescue Litter


CMC Titanium Rescue LitterTapered with StratLoad Attachment PointsAmazingly strong and light, lift the CMC ultra-lightweight Titanium Litter with one hand and you'll have to have one. Built to the same specifications and dimensions as the CMC stainless...

CMC Rescue

CMC Patient Tie-In System


CMC Patient Tie-In SystemFor many years the accepted method for securing a patient in a litter was improvised internal and external lashings using one-inch tubular web. Critical patient-packaging time could be lost and often the finished lashing was...

CMC Rescue

CMC ProSeries Litter Harness


CMC ProSeries Litter HarnessThis fully adjustable CMC ProSeries Litter Harness intended for use with a rigid litter features parachute buckles on each of the four legs. This allows them to be adjusted independently, so the litter can be quickly and...

CMC Rescue

CMC Con-Space Usar Task Force Kit


CMC Con-Space Usar Task Force KitThe CMC Con-Space Usar Task Force Kit is a versatile, hard-line communications kit that adapts to the requirements of confined-space, high-angle, structural-collapse, and trench-rescue operations. The "one kit - many...

CMC Rescue

CMC Rope Rescue System - Pac Kit


CMC Rope Rescue System - Pac KitEverything but the rope to fully outfit the Rope Rescue System-Pac for a complete systems package, this kit includes the gear to rig a main line lowering or raising system, mechanical advantage, and a separate belay system...

CMC Rescue

CMC Rope Rescue Team Kit


CMC Rope Rescue Team Kit, with 4 Response HarnessesWhen your team needs to perform high- or low-angle rescue operations, this Traditional Rigging version of the Rope Rescue Team Kit includes personal gear for four rescuers (4X Rescuer Personal Kit) and...

CMC Rescue

CMC Rescue Survivor 8 Escape System


CMC Rescue Survivor 8 Escape SystemThe lower cost CMC Escape System does not sacrifice performance. Features: Survivor 8 Escape Line Tough CORDURA nylon Escape Bag ProTech Manual-Lock Carabiners for anchoring the line Weight: 2 lb 15 oz (1.3 kg)

CMC Rescue

CMC Rescue Escape Artist System


CMC Rescue Escape Artist SystemThe Rapid and Reliable Means of EscapeThe compact and efficient CMC Rescue Escape Artist System equips you with all the tools you need for a successful emergency egress, and allows hands-free operation to ensure a safe edge...

CMC Rescue

CMC Rescue Escape Artist Lumbar System


CMC Rescue Escape Artist Lumbar SystemReversible Low-Profile System The compact CMC Escape Artist Lumbar System equips you with all the efficient tools you need for a successful emergency egress, and allows hands-free operation to ensure a safe edge...

CMC Rescue

CMC Tactical Harness Pouch


CMC Tactical Harness PouchThe Tactical Harness Pouch is removable and can hold Prusiks, Purcells and accessories, or up to 6.5 M of cord.Features:Features Velcro top flap and attachment tunnel for harness connectionAttaches easily to harness or most...

CMC Rescue

CMC Rope Bag


CMC Rope Bag The CMC Rope Bag is made from Extra Long-Life CORDURA Nylon for Bags that Last, and Last.Features:Solid performers for years, feature a variety of innovative elementsContoured backpack-style shoulder straps offer greater comfort when...

CMC Rescue

CMC Rescue Ascender


CMC Rescue AscenderThe CMC Rescue Ascender utilizes a spring-loaded cam to facilitate progression on life safety rope. Widely used by rescue teams for ascending rope, as an attachment to a litter harness tender line, as a travel restrict rope grab, and...

CMC Rescue

CMC Multi-Purpose Device (MPD)


CMC Multi-Purpose Device, Pulley, Rescue Belay, DescenderGo from Lowering to Raising without Changing HardwareFeatures: Variable-friction descent control device for rescue systems and rappels Incorporates high efficiency pulley with an integral...

CMC Rescue

CMC Rescue Flash.2 Escape Anchor


CMC Rescue Flash.2 Escape AnchorThe CMC Rescue Flash.2 Escape Anchor delivers outstanding strength with minimal weight. The innovative CMC Rescue Flash.2 Escape Anchor is one of the lightest certified escape use devices available. Features:Improved...

CMC Rescue

CMC Brake Escape Artist, NFPA-E


CMC Escape Artist, NFPA-EThe CMC Rescue Escape Artist is the most advanced escape descent control device available.The CMC Rescue Escape Artist is fast becoming the industry standard, thanks to its hands-free edge transition and optimal descent control...

CMC Rescue

CMC Rescue Rack


CMC Rescue RackThe CMC Rescue Rack offers several innovative features to provide enhanced performance. The "fat" aluminum bars provide excellent control for rescue loads. The bars are center drilled to reduce weight and allow better heat dissipation. The...

CMC Rescue

CMC Survivor 8 Descender


CMC Rescue Survivor 8 DescenderThe CMC Rescue Survivor 8 Descender is machined out of 3/8-inch (9.5-mm) aluminum stock, this compact figure 8 descender works well with escape lines or other small diameter ropes where minimum size and weight are the...

CMC Rescue

CMC Rescue 8 Descender, NFPA


CMC Rescue 8 Descender, NFPAMachined from 1/2-inch (12.5-mm) plate, the classic CMC Rescue 8 Descender design has been refined for even better performance with today's selection of rescue rope. Descenders no longer routinely use 5/8-in (16-mm) rope, so...

CMC Rescue

CMC Rescue Enforcer


CMC Enforcer Load Cell KitThe CMC Rescue Enforcer is the only load cell that is UL Certified to NFPA 1983, General Use. The CMC Rescue Enforcer can measure force up to 20 kN, and with two sampling modes, the ENFORCER LOAD CELL monitors systems and logs...

CMC Rescue

CMC HD ProSeries Pulleys


CMC HD ProSeries PulleysThe CMC HD ProSeries Pulleys have been built workhorse tough to deliver years of dependable service.Features: Large high-efficiency anodized aluminum sheave High-strength sealed bearings that minimize loss of mechanical...

CMC Rescue

CMC ProTech Aluminum Key-Lock Carabiners


CMC ProTech Aluminum Key-Lock CarabinersPatentedIdeal for rescue and rope access, the anodized CMC ProTech Aluminum Key-Lock Carabiners patented key-lock design does not hang up when unclipping from your harness or web. An optimized D-shape maximizes its...

CMC Rescue

CMC Rescue Stainless Steel Carabiner


CMC Rescue Stainless Steel Carabiner The CMC Rescue Stainless Steel Carabiner is made for some of the roughest conditions imaginable. Made of 100% stainless steel, including internal parts such as pins and springs, this carabiner is compact enough to...

CMC Rescue

CMC Rescue Edge Pad


CMC Rescue Edge PadThe CMC Rescue Edge Pad is a heavy-duty edge pad made from rugged 24 ounce, #4 canvas.Protects ropes from abrasion and helps keep them clean, increasing their life. Also reduces the amount a rope digs into a soft edge, such as the berm...

CMC Rescue

CMC NFPA Throwline Bag Set


CMC NFPA Throwline Bag Set The CMC NFPA Throwline Bag Set combines the CMC Rescue NFPA Throwline* with the CMC economical Orange pack cloth bags. The 8-mm diameter line allows for a very compact throw bag. Product Weight Length ...

CMC Rescue

CMC Rescue Helitack Harness


CMC Rescue Helitack Harness A Harness designed for Helicopter Crew, Rope Rescue and RappellingDesigned for aircrews by aircrews, the full-body CMC Rescue Helitack Harness brings operator comfort, safety and versatility to a new level. The sewn waist loop...

CMC Rescue

CMC Rescue CMC/ROCO Work-Rescue Harness


CMC ROCO Work-Rescue Harness When time is of the essence, donning a harness shouldn't slow you down. Thanks to its innovative no-step design, the CMC/ROCO Work-Rescue Harness is extraordinarily fast and easy to don. Contrasting color distinctions on...

CMC Rescue

CMC Rescue Tactical Rappel Harness


CMC Rescue Tactical Rappel HarnessThe CMC Tactical Rappel Harness is a simple one-size-fits-most harness that features all-black web and buckles. The low-profile design provides a snug, secure fit that can be worn all the time or donned quickly when...

CMC Rescue

CMC Rescue Utility Harness


CMC Rescue Utility Harness The CMC Rescue Utility Harness is an excellent choice for a truck company's rope kit, this simple one-size-fits-most harness uses the same heavy-duty web and buckles as our rescue harnesses and is sewn to the same exacting...

CMC Rescue

CMC Rescue Confined Space Harness


CMC Rescue Confined Space HarnessThe CMC Rescue Confined Space Harness is designed for Confined Space, Rope Rescue, Work at Height and Rappelling.The perfect all-around choice for confined space operations, heavy rescue and USAR incidents, the Confined...

CMC Rescue

CMC Rescue Rappel Rope Gloves


CMC Rescue Rappel GlovesThe CMC Rescue Rappel Gloves provide outstanding hand protection and dexterity. Wear them to tie knots and work with hardware, set up a system or to rappel. Pittard's Armor-Tan leather and unique Kevlar brand fiber stitching...