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Cable Cord Reels


Kussmaul Auto Reel with Auto Safe


Kussmaul Auto Reel with Auto SafeModel 091-220-20-120-ASThe Kussmaul Auto Reel with Auto Safe is an automatic shoreline retraction and storage compatible with Auto Eject or by manual disconnection.Features:Automatic shoreline retraction and storage...


Kussmaul Auto Reel


Kussmaul Auto ReelThe Kussmaul Auto Reel is a manual extension, spring retract reel containing a 45 foot long, 3 wire cable.The Kussmaul Auto Reel is designed to be either ceiling or wall mounted to provide single phase, 120 volt / 20 ampere power to...

Hannay Reels

Hannay Cable Reel


Hannay CR1600 Cable Reel The Hannay CR1600 Cable Reels are made to handle live electric cable. Features: Removable direct crank rewind and adjustable cam-lock drag brake on manual rewind version Optional comet brake is available 3-conductor, 45...

Hannay Reels

Hannay Portable Electric Cable Reels


Hannay CR16 Portable Electric Cable ReelsThe Hannay Portable Electric Cable Reels comes in a compact, lightweight, rugged construction. Features: Compact, lightweight, rugged construction, large capacity 3-conductor, 30 amp collector ring 6-foot power...