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MaxxDry Monster Grips


MaxxDry Monster GripsThe MaxxDry MonsterGrips are designed for people seeking easy-to-use, lightweight traction studs for all footwear. Perfect for anyone who works outdoors and demands greater stability on ice and snow.Strong, lightweight and versatile,...


Zico Retractable Vehicle Step


Zico Retractable Vehicle StepThe Zico Retractable Vehicle Step may be wired to the door interlock system to automatically extend when the door is opened and retract when the door is closed.Features: Shorter drop height making this ideal for...


Zico Quic-Bar Variable Mount


Zico Quic-Bar Variable Mount The Zico Quic-Bar Variable Mount secures round and hexagonal Halligan style tools.Features: For use with bars up to 1-1/8" diameter Powder-coated cast aluminum bracket with flexible, UV-resistant draw latch For...


Zico Vertical Variable Mount


Zico Vertical Variable Mount The Zico Vertical Variable Mount has a flexible draw latch that accommodates various diameter tools and equipment and holds them firmly in place. Latches are UV-stabilized for a longer life. Features: Powder-coated Cast...


Zico Universal Foam Container Wrench


Zico Universal Foam Container WrenchThe Universal Foam Container Wrench has a raised handle, which allows full 360-degree rotation without skinning your knuckles.This economically priced, light weight, high-strength aluminum wrench will open most foam...


Zico Folding Choc Holder - Horizontal


Zico Folding Choc Holder - HorizontalModel SAC-44The Zico Folding Choc Holder requires only 6-1/2" H x 12 W x 21" D area for storage. Choc may again be stored under fire or rescue vehicles.The space-saver choc has been designed to comply with SAEJ348 and...


Zico Double Fold-Down Seat Bracket


Zico Double Fold-Down Seat Bracket The Zico Double Fold-Down Seat is a spring-loaded bracket that makes any unused seat cushion fold up and out of the way automatically. The Bracket extends 4-1/4" from mounting surface when folded and 13" when...


Zico Storz Coupling Mount


Zico Storz Coupling MountThe Zico Storz Coupling Mount is a moisture-resistant neoprene rubber mount that keeps the coupling secured, yet ready for instant use.Simply slide coupling over the mount for orderly, safe storage and lift off when needed - no...


Zico Strapless 'D' Cylinder Bracket


Zico Strapless 'D' Cylinder BracketFeatures:No straps, no hasslesFast, simple, and self-locking - because every second countsSecures standard, jumbo, and steel "D" gas cylindersAccommodates most regulatorsBackspring ensures snug fit and virtually no...


Zico 'D' Cylinder Bracket with Strap


Zico 'D' Cylinder Bracket with StrapThis heavy-duty stainless steel bracket secures standard "D" gas cylinders (jumbo "D" will not fit). Simply place cylinder in the bracket and hold it in place with strap provided. Bracket has four holes for mounting...


Zico Portable Scene Light Bracket


Zico Portable Scene Light BracketWith the Zico Portable Scene Light Bracket you can secure a single portable scene light in the collapsed position.Features:Sleek design requires only minimal additional space inside the compartment for convenient and...


Zico Sledge Hammer Mounting Bracket


Zico Sledge Hammer Mounting BracketThe Zico Sledge Hammer Mounting Bracket is designed for use with 2 pound to 16 pound Double Face Sledges and 1 pound to 3 pound Dead Blow Hammers. Bracket is 2-3/4" H x 3" D - Expandable from 5-1/4" to 8-3/4" W to fit...


Zico Saw Blade Holder


Zico Saw Blade Holder The Zico Saw Blade Holder is expandable up to four slots, so you can choose the blade storage option best tailored to suit your needs.Slots allow you to organize different types of blades within a single holder, keeping them all...


Zico Reciprocating Saw Holder


Zico Reciprocating Saw HolderThe Zico Reciprocating Saw Holder is an extruded aluminum bracket that can be mounted either horizontally or vertically. The saw is held securely in place with a Quick-Release strap. Fits virtually all reciprocating saws.


Zico Round Gas Can Mount, 1-2 gallon


Zico Round Safety Can Mount, 1-2 gallonThe Zico Round Safety Can Mount is made of cast aluminum and designed for round containers (gas cans).Designed for safety can with 9" diameter baseHeld in place by a 1" Nylon safety strap with quick release...


Zico Round Gas Can Mount, 5 gallon


Zico Round Safety Can Mount, 5 gallonThe Zico Round Safety Can Mount is made of cast aluminum and designed for round containers (gas cans).Features: Up to 5.0-gallon container Cast aluminum container Mounts with 1" nylon safety straps and...


Zico DOT Holder for Safety Can Mount


Zico DOT Holder for Safety Can MountThe DOT Holder for a Safety Can Mount is a powder-coated cast aluminum container mount with 1" nylon safety strap & Quick-Release buckle.Dimensions:10" W x 14" LOptions:1-gallon safety can mount - short strap5-gallon...


Zico Gallon Premix Holder


Zico Gallon Premix HolderThe Zico Gallon Premix Holder keeps rectangular cans up to 1 gallon secured and organized where you need them most. Lowers risk of tipping, falling, leaking, denting, & puncturing during transport. Keeps cans easy to locate.Made...


Zico Single Premix/Bar Container Holder


Zico Single Premix/Bar Container HolderThe Zico Single Premix/Bar Container Holder accommodates your choice of one cylindrical 32 oz. (3-3/8" dia.) can or one rectangular 32 oz. (2-5/8" x 4-1/4") quart container, secured and organized where you need it...


Zico Oval Quic-Mount Holder, 1 gallon


Zico Oval Quic-Mount Holder, 1 gallonThe Zico Oval Quic-Mount Holder holds up to a 1.0-gallon container. Features:Cast aluminum container mounts1" nylon safety strapsQuick-release bucklesOval holder for 1-gallon oval safety canDimensions: 6.75" W x 9.25"...


Zico Chain Saw Mount


Zico Chain Saw MountThe Zico Chain Saw Mount mounts chains saws, abrasive cut-offs saws and other gasoline engine tools on these specially designed brackets. Features:Absorbent pad collects fluids and maybe changed as requiredSafety strap secures the saw...


Zico Adjustable Chainsaw Mount


Zico Adjustable Chainsaw MountThe Zico Adjustable Chainsaw Mount accommodates most gas-powered saws, including circular and chain. Slide in for thinner and pull out for wider saws, giving you a virtually perfect fit. Features:Heavy-duty, nylon strap &...


Zico EZ Mount Adhesive Fastening System


Zico EZ Mount Adhesive Fastening System The EZ-Mount Fastening System is a unique line of adhesive and fasteners designed for use on virtually any surface. The unique, non-sag, acrylic adhesive holds your parts in place through permanent, high-stength...


Zico 1085 Neoprene Cup Mounts


Zico 1085 Neoprene Cup MountsThe Zico Neoprene Cup Mounts are ideal for storage of cylindrical items such as SCBAs, medical oxygen cylinders, fire extinguishers, and more. Durable neoprene mounts are not affected by moisture or rotting.Requires only...


Zico Nozzle Cup Mount


Zico Nozzle Cup MountThe Zico Nozzle Cup Mount is the ideal way to mount pre-connected nozzles on emergency vehicles.Fits nozzles up to 3-1/2" or 5-1/2" in diameter at discharge endCup can be mounted directly to virtually any horizontal surface. Mount to...


Zico Low Profile Variable Mount


Zico Low Profile Variable MountThe Zico Low Profile Variable Mount is for use with 1" to 1.3" diameter tools or 1.3" to 1.6" diameter tools.Features:Low profileFlexible draw latch accommodates various diameter tools and equipment and holds them firmly in...